Changing My Name

2016-05-22 10:28:14 by OfficialFrozenFire

Up until a few weeks ago, I was happy with the name FrozenFire, but I decided that it simply isn't a good name to submit to labels. So, I am changing it. To VPX. It is just a shortened form of Viprixx, which I have been using as my gaming name. Plus, it just sounds cool. I'm not a supporter, so I can't change my name here, so I just created a new account, which you can find at I will still post stuff here, but most of my newer stuff will go there.

Thanks for supporting me.


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2016-05-23 09:44:31

You're not by any chance the same user as ?

New name seems like a good choice considering ^, and the new's shorter. FrozenFire sounds pretty cool as a name though! As does Viprixx, though not as 'logical'.

OfficialFrozenFire responds:

no, that isn't me. The reason I have my name as officialfrozenfire is because frozenfire wasn't available. I wanted a pretty short name. Also, I pretty much copied Waterflame with the name. Waterflame / FrozenFire. Pretty much the same element-wise.


2016-05-28 03:37:31

Mmm I do see the similarities! :) Fun fact: Waterflame's early username here was Chainsaw_09.