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Hey guys. I am here to announce further news on my upcoming Forever Alone album. If you have seen my recent audio uploads, you will see a new track called The Desert 2. This is just a preview, but it will be on the album. The original  track, The Desert, will be released as part of a future legacy album. That's all I have to say today.

FrozenFire News - May 5, 2015

2015-05-05 20:14:25 by OfficialFrozenFire

A few months ago, I released Distorto to SoundCloud (I am still working on getting it on iTunes). I immediately set out creating a EP called Solace with some old songs and some new ones. It is now available on my BandCamp page. I also started work on a new album. Today I bring news. The new album is called Forever Alone and it will be released on July 11. A new song called Awesome Sauce from the Solace EP will be on the album. That's all I have for now related to music.

Also, you might have noticed that I have a new logo. It uses the same logo template I used for my YouTube channels. That's it for today.

FrozenFire News - February 20, 2015 (Part Two)

2015-02-20 18:05:53 by OfficialFrozenFire

As Distorto (my debut album) is being released, I have started my new album. I will be holding a naming contest within the next three months. I will not be uploading the tracks to my NG profile and my SoundCloud page until the album is finished.

FrozenFire News - February 20, 2015 (Part One)

2015-01-18 19:50:23 by OfficialFrozenFire

I have been working on a album for some time now and I am finally finished! Unfortunately most of the tracks are in th .m4a format so I cannot upload them here. The album will be submitted to iTunes as soon as possible.

Check it out at

Welcome To My Profile

2014-12-31 18:43:09 by OfficialFrozenFire

Hello. My name is FrozenFire. I make album artwork, as well as music.

I haven't posted much yet, but as the months go by I'll be posting lots of things.

You can check out the things I've uploaded below.